Wasn’t it only yesterday that we sat on the floor together playing with GI Joe™ toys?

In our house, these little men were never put away. They played with Pooh™ and his friends, the Transformers™ gang, all sorts of dinosaurs, Hot Wheels™, ninjas, and a whole host of other toys that were all eventually outgrown. Other toys came and went, but the GI Joes™ always stood ready.

Now, even though my soldier is away, there – in his room – are his men – all his beloved Joe’s still stand, patiently awaiting the return of their old commander. Will he ever return?

I realize that my soldier will probably only come home for short visits from now on. I understand that he will someday have a house of his own, and his own little boy who will enjoy playing with the old Joes. But I, like the Joes, still earnestly await his return home, every single day.

 Lord, help me remember to watch as anxiously for Your return as I do my soldier’s return! Remind me whenever I look at the clouds or the moon or the sunrise that, at any moment, You could return. Help me to stay focused on You, Lord, and steadfastly trust that You will keep my soldier safe again today.


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