Mushy Stuff

Since it’s almost Valentine’s Day, I’ll share a mushy poem . . .


It’s been a long day over here in Iraq
My bride waits at home
Praying soon I’ll be back
Our love is the kind
That transcends time and space
If I just close my eyes
I can still see her face.
How I long for her smile
Her laughter, her touch
I know she sheds tears
For she misses me much
My job causes worry
That creases her brow
And increases her prayers
For my safety, somehow
I know that this war
Has caused her great sorrow
And I pray every night
Just for tomorrow.
Tomorrow, Tomorrow
Tomorrow once more
Until the tomorrow I’ll
Stand at our door
Then I’ll kiss all the worries
And tears from her face
As she melts in the fold
Of her soldier’s embrace
The depth of our love
Oh, so far beyond measure
Will sustain us each day-
My Beloved, my treasure.
And through the long night
Until morning has dawned
And you sleep in my arms
Right where you belong.

                                                                               ©Carol Channer


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