Change, Change, Change

Changes are something we face every day. Sometimes change is welcomed like a breath of fresh air, but often we resist change. It makes us uncomfortable, frightens us, or exasperates us!

 As changes in many areas of my life seem to swirl me into a state of dizziness, I am glad to be able to cling to a God who does not change. I have a deeper understanding of some of the old, wonderful hymns of our faith that talk of standing on the solid Rock, leaning on Jesus, and building my hope on Christ. Many of these hymns have brought solace to my soul lately.

Our soldiers face many enormous changes, too. I pray daily for the Lord to prove Himself to be strong and steady in each young soldier’s life. It gives me peace to know that, even amongst all the changes in our lives, good or bad, crazy or fun; we truly can have the constant love of the Heavenly Father who is controlling and upholding our lives.

 Thank You, Lord, for being a firm foundation for my soldier and I to stand safely on, even during times of upheaval and change!


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