Seeing God

“Then their eyes were opened, and they recognized him” (Luke 24:31a NIV).

Walking through the woods early one morning, I was earnestly searching for deer. I was hoping to catch even a glimpse of what I consider to be one of God’s most glorious creatures, but this day, though I was looking, I was simply not seeing. My eyes scanned the forest, but saw no deer.

Suddenly it occurred to me that we sometimes look for God in this same manner. Seeking, scanning, even perhaps looking right smack at Him, and yet, still missing Him completely. I wondered if this happens because we have not spent enough time training our eyes to see Him properly.

Maybe if I came to the woods early every morning, I would be better at spotting the deer I knew had to be there! We must focus our eyes – as well as our hearts and minds – to see God as He wants, not as we expect Him to be.

Just as that thought finished forming in my mind, there she was – a large, lovely doe – standing still, very near, watching me intently.

God, too, is right there with us, ever-present, watching, waiting patiently for our eyes to fix upon Him. Sometimes we need to simply be still, and focus.

Lord, help me to stand still, even if only for a few moments today. Long enough to calm my thoughts and fix them, and my eyes, upon Your glorious face. Allow me to see what it is that You want me to understand about Yourself today. Whatever my soldier faces this day, allow him to see You, to feel Your presence, Your power, and Your protection, so that he can know how much he is loved – by both of us!



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