Heavenly TLC

There are days when I can be going about the day in  a great state of mind, then, WHAM! That awful thought, “he’s deployed” pops into my mind and stops me in my tracks. An enormous wave of missing him washes over me. I don’t even see it coming, but there I am, suddenly down, with the wind knocked right out of me!

These are the times when I really need a little extra tender loving care. There are many wonderful verses in the Bible to turn to in times like this, but one of my favorites has become Isaiah 66:13(NIV) – As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you . . .

Now that’s a verse I can understand! Being a mother of three, a grandmother of seven, and a swimming instructor for many years, I know how I comfort a child. I hold them close, talking softly, kissing them, rocking, stroking their hair, singing to them – I’m great at cuddling! Yes, that’s exactly what I need from God! The same way I comfort a hurting child is the same way my heavenly Father will comfort me!

So, instead of moping whenever I feel that need to be comforted, I try to take a few minutes to read my Bible. I curl up in bed or on the sofa with a cup of hot tea and choose favorite, old familiar passages that speak words of love and concern and my heart takes comfort. Then I add a little time spent in prayer for my soldier and praise for my King to release my tears and stress, and this brings peace and consolation to my inner being, and that’s the best TLC in the universe!


“Thank You, Lord, for the comfort You bring to my life. Thank You for always attending to my every care and flooding my soul with peace amid the turmoil of living this military lifestyle.”



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