Poem – Be Content With God

It’s hard to believe, re-reading this now, that I first penned this poem shortly after the Columbine HS shootings. It is still relevant today. (IMHO!)


Be Content With God

These seem to be the darkest days;

Sometimes it’s hard to see God’s ways,

Our health is failing, our journey long,

We do not know where we belong.

Drugs and alcohol abound,

Planes are crashing to the ground.

Kids aren’t safe within school walls;

Danger lurks throughout the halls

Ethnic cleansing, bombs and wars;

People dying by the scores

Flood and flame, earthquake, rain;

Tornado, famine, hurricane . . .

We cannot plan what we shall do,

Not knowing when, what, where or who-

We cannot know what plight we face,

But we can walk in love and grace

Dismay and fear will surely cease,

As we brave each day with hope and peace,

By trusting God, Who’s Word is True;

We can find contentment, too.

It is the only way to live,

When all the world is churning-

It is the only hope we have to satisfy our yearning.

Be content with God each day,

Trust Him to guide you ‘long the way

Read His Word, and you will see,

His promises are true-

You can live a happy life, within His Will for you!

While life is hurling, whirling past,

The Word will hold you grounded fast

To be content with God today,

Simply trust, love, and obey.



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