Waiting (A Poem)



Waiting for time to fly so fast,

For months to pass, I yearn;

Waiting for the day to come

When my soldier will return.


Waiting for peace on earth to come

For terror to abate;

For love to come upon the earth

Erasing all this hate.


Waiting for misery to end –

Of hunger, pain and war –

For babes to grow up safely

Each cherished and adored.


Waiting for the day to come

When Christ comes on a cloud,

And tells the angel Gabriel

To blow his trumpet loud!


The waiting we must suffer now

Will someday fade away,

When with the Savior we shall live

Forever and a day!


Until my soldier comes back home

I patiently will wait,

While looking toward the eastern sky

To Heaven’s open gate.


I eagerly await the day

When Christ will claim His own;

We’ll fly to Heaven’s peaceful land,

To worship ‘round God’s throne.


I wait the day that’s coming soon –

My soldier, home to stay!

The Lord shall be returning, too –

I’m waiting for that day!

                                                    ©Carol Channer


The Hand Dream (a poem)

The Hand Dream

My dreams were filled with torture

My mind could find no peace.

Fears would overtake me –

My worries would not cease.


‘Til woven in a dream one night

A picture filled my head;

The peace of God rushed over me

As I lay there on my bed.


I saw the very hand of God

Stretch forth through time and space

To reach right down from Heaven

And stroke my soldier’s face!


Lifting up my hero –

The hand of God’s own Son

Could place my soldier in His palm

As he were the only one!


My dream went on to teach me

These things I ought to know –

God counts the hairs upon our heads

Because He loves us so!


This massive hand from Heaven

Can cradle all the earth,

Or touch a freckle on our nose

To demonstrate our worth!


When worry overcomes me now

I picture in my mind

The hand of God protecting us-

So strong, and yet, so kind


Warriors far from their home

Are never out of reach –

God’s fingers of protective care

Caress and love, or guide and teach.


Moment by moment, day by day,

In prayer and praise and psalm,

I trust that Christ now firmly holds

My hero in His palm!

                                                       ©Carol Channer

springing Forward

Springtime! Seems like we’ve endured the longest of winters, and everyone is happy that spring has begun to arrive. Personally, looking back, I think my winter actually began about three years ago. It began with the passing of my father in the beginning of that year, and things just seemed to go downhill from there.

I don’t normally dwell upon these things. I tend to be a “suck it up and move on” kind of gal. This morning, as I listened to birds singing and enjoyed my first actual springtime flower garden, thoughts of the past few years just sort of began tumbling out. God’s way of helping me do some spring cleaning, I suppose.

 My dad. My husband’s lost job. A once beloved friend stabbing me in the heart. Other people letting me down in very big ways. Our eldest and family moving to the other side of the world. The sudden relocation to Georgia. Missing all my children. Missing all of our grand-babies. Missing my mom . . . and missing almost everyone else that I love. Missing everything familiar. Big surgeries for the both of us. Meeting new people. Loneliness. Isolation. Going to a new church. Driving around in strange cities and on enormous highways. All scary things for me.

 Then, as I opened Facebook, I studied my profile picture. That was taken three summers ago! I thought, “I’m not anything like her any more! It’s springtime! Time for regeneration! Time for springing forward!

Time for a new profile picture!”

 Slowly but surely I’m beginning to learn that there IS life after Florida, different, yes, but enjoyable enough. I’ve grown to depend on the Lord for things like contentment, joy, and even companionship. He speaks so clearly to me in the gentle quietness of this new home, here in my back yard sanctuary filled with beautiful things He has created.

 So, here it is, cruel world, I’m moving forward. I’m letting the gray hairs and extra pounds show. I’m happy where I am. I’ve cleaned out the clutter and cobwebs that have been lingering in the recesses of my spirit, and am looking forward to whatever comes next. Here it is: my new profile pic – TaDa!!