The Hand Dream (a poem)

The Hand Dream

My dreams were filled with torture

My mind could find no peace.

Fears would overtake me –

My worries would not cease.


‘Til woven in a dream one night

A picture filled my head;

The peace of God rushed over me

As I lay there on my bed.


I saw the very hand of God

Stretch forth through time and space

To reach right down from Heaven

And stroke my soldier’s face!


Lifting up my hero –

The hand of God’s own Son

Could place my soldier in His palm

As he were the only one!


My dream went on to teach me

These things I ought to know –

God counts the hairs upon our heads

Because He loves us so!


This massive hand from Heaven

Can cradle all the earth,

Or touch a freckle on our nose

To demonstrate our worth!


When worry overcomes me now

I picture in my mind

The hand of God protecting us-

So strong, and yet, so kind


Warriors far from their home

Are never out of reach –

God’s fingers of protective care

Caress and love, or guide and teach.


Moment by moment, day by day,

In prayer and praise and psalm,

I trust that Christ now firmly holds

My hero in His palm!

                                                       ©Carol Channer


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