Waiting (A Poem)



Waiting for time to fly so fast,

For months to pass, I yearn;

Waiting for the day to come

When my soldier will return.


Waiting for peace on earth to come

For terror to abate;

For love to come upon the earth

Erasing all this hate.


Waiting for misery to end –

Of hunger, pain and war –

For babes to grow up safely

Each cherished and adored.


Waiting for the day to come

When Christ comes on a cloud,

And tells the angel Gabriel

To blow his trumpet loud!


The waiting we must suffer now

Will someday fade away,

When with the Savior we shall live

Forever and a day!


Until my soldier comes back home

I patiently will wait,

While looking toward the eastern sky

To Heaven’s open gate.


I eagerly await the day

When Christ will claim His own;

We’ll fly to Heaven’s peaceful land,

To worship ‘round God’s throne.


I wait the day that’s coming soon –

My soldier, home to stay!

The Lord shall be returning, too –

I’m waiting for that day!

                                                    ©Carol Channer


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