July 4th.

To most people, July Fourth is a day of joyous celebration, cook outs, fireworks, flag-waving and fun.

Ever since July 4, 2009, I start the day out by watching a YouTube video about that day. Here is a link:


I always cry. I watch anyway.

This year, with all the news media about Pvt. Bergdahl, I have viewed the video with a little different eye.

When my son mentions they got up at 5:30AM to go on a mission, I know that the mission was to be another search for Bergdahl.

When he speaks of the men standing shocked, “just staring” and Marfouz speaking of how accurate and complex the attack was, I know that this is because the Taliban have begun this attack using new tactics. Using new information that they were given. By Bergdahl.

When my son’s voice talks about pulling Fairbairn out of the mortar pit, I must acknowledge that his heroism that day was even more astounding than I ever realized before.

Yes, I knew who Bergdahl was. When he first went missing, I voiced my worry and fears for him to my son, who at that time told me that I did not need to worry about his life, that he was fine. That he had deserted his post to go “train the Taliban”.

The video is only a snippet of everything that happened that day. Every year I watch it with pride, sorrow, appreciation, amazement. This year, I also watch it with a new sense of anger.

Rest in peace, Fairbairn and Casillas. We honor your memories. We cherish your families deeply in our hearts. We will never, ever ever forget.

And now, we will never, ever ever be silent about the truth of why it happened. We will not stand by silently while the White House tries to bury the truth about Bergdahl.


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