Answers to Unmentioned Prayers

Whether we admit it or not, whether we call out loud or stay silent, our Heavenly Father knows our deepest wish, our inner-most needs.

Since arriving at our new home 20 months or so ago, I have felt consistently isolated. Yes, I have some friends here, and yes, we got involved in a great church, and yes, I get out of the house and do stuff. But still, day-to-day, I am pretty much alone here. I don’t dwell on it, but I miss my children and my grand-children and my family who are all in different places. I miss my mom and my siblings, especially when I know they are all gathered together on my mom’s beach, laughing and enjoying the Florida sun and water I miss so much. I try hard to not even think about missing my first grandchild’s  soon coming 9th birthday and the fact that I have not actually been able to hug her since she was six.

Being a Military Mom for the over the past decade, I have learned to let stuff go, to always try not to let crappy feelings build up into full-fledged depression. I focus on the positives. My son is home, doing well in overcoming his physical and mental challenges. My daughter and family will hopefully be home in again in less than a year. My grand-babies are all growing up healthy and strong, even without the benefit of having “Gramma Spittle” & kisses applied regularly.

In addition to my soldiers, I have a nephew in the Coast Guard, along with his wife. She has to drive from FL to MI two or three times a year as part of her duties. One of the blessings of us being here in Georgia now is that we are a good stopping place for travelers and we have two guest rooms. So, I was happy yesterday to get a message that she’ll be bunking in again one night next week!  Plus, my BFF called me yesterday just to chat, because she was having a rough time. She had no idea that I was the one who truly needed that phone call! And, I have a sister who is coming in for a quick visit next week, too!

As I thought about it, I realized that I needed to stop and give praise and thanks to the Lord, because even though I had not specifically gone to Him with the loneliness that was creeping in on all sides, He still saw my need and answered the unspoken prayer of my heart. So I thank Him for the many blessings, and the answers to unmentioned prayers. In the words of my grandson, Wyatt: “God, You are AWESOME!”

And the cherry on the top: payday came one day early this month! God You ARE sooooooo very awesome!!



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