A Prayer For Our Heroes

From the depths of my gut

I fear and I ache

For our heroes in harm’s ugly path

News of be-headings, of horrors untold;

Of enemy faces that laugh.

These images drive me

Anew to my knees

To cry out for mercy and grace ~

Let the defenders of freedom

Stay brave, and stay strong

And most of all ~

Let them stay safe!

Bring leaders of countries

Again to their senses,

To make hard decisions of action;

Joining together, a fortress of strength,

To take down this enemy faction.

As families await, pray, and worry at home

As innocents quake, pray, and hide

As the tasks ahead grow harder to face

Let us not turn our Maker aside . . .

As a nation we must look again to our faith

To guide us to do what is right,

We lavish our soldiers with pleadings and prayers

For their safety both day and by night.

God grant them the wisdom, the sixth sense, the eyes

That keep them alert, ever wary;

Through the deepest of darkness,

Lord, show them Your Light;

Ease the heaviest burdens they carry.

To those who give all, lift them into Your realm;

Welcome them with Your loving embrace,

Please comfort their loved ones who’s tears ever flow;

Grant them peace, and Your spirit of grace.

Those who return, Lord, with wounds yet unseen,

Help them live without guilt or abandon.

Let them feel Your presence and know in their heart

They did well the task they were handed.

Speak to their souls, soothe their fears and their hurts;

For their service should bring great reward,

Let them live with Your power flowing within;

With their minds, hearts and bodies restored.

Grant our pleas for our brave ones who serve

Let our grateful praise-song never cease.

Let us never forget the price they have paid

For our country, our freedom, our peace.

© Carol Channer, October 2014


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