Do Not Take Your Life

Do not take your life!

Lay your weapon to the floor.

Better days lie just ahead;

Help is knocking at your door.

You cannot see but darkness

Through the fog of pain you know

But hope and help waits ‘oer the ridge

You CAN defeat this foe!

Do not take your life

Because you want the pain to end

Or the pain will never stop

For your family and your friends.

It ricochets like bullets

To wound the hearts of others

For you are loved and cherished

By your family and brothers

Take a breath and step back

Pick up the phone and call

We will run to walk beside you

We will not let you fall!

We know you feel abandoned,

We know you are in pain;

We want to lend assistance

For a better life to gain.

There is hope within your reaching,

There are ways to overcome;

With God and friends and family

This war still can be won!

You may not see an ending;

The enemy closes in ~

Do not let it take you,

No! DO NOT let it win!

Do not take your life, dear one,

Lay your weapon to the floor.

Better days DO lie ahead!

Help is waiting at your door.

©Carol Bartlett Channer, October 2014


2 thoughts on “Do Not Take Your Life

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