Good People Parenting

I suppose maybe it is simply because of all the negativity in the news lately, but God seems to think that I need reassurance that there truly are still good people in this world. Good parents. Good Mommas in particular.

Over the past few weeks I have been allowed to overhear some interesting parental disciplining going on, not in public, but yes, out in the public. In a shoe store. In a department store. Most recently in a grocery store parking lot. I have heard several different mommas giving wise, gentle, proper, important discipline lessons to their child – three moms all of a different race than I am, and all the children just happened to be sons.

Each time, I thought, “You GO, MOM!” They had each been trying to remain calm and be as discreet as possible, so I was not in a place where I thought it proper to actually speak to them, until today. The mom and very young son were walking in just ahead of me of me and I could hear the mother telling the child that no one OWED him anything. He needed to learn to work hard and to earn the things he wanted. Once again, I was touched by her gentle, earnest words of truth.

Once in my car, I noticed them returning. I looked at her for a moment, and our differences were clearly vast, but she was walking right past my driver’s side door, so I did it. I rolled down my window and gave this young mother a few words of affirmation. She began to smile from ear to ear. It made my day and I hope it made a positive difference in hers, too.

I know there are still good parents out there, trying to teach the children God has given them to be good people. I am thankful that God has allowed me to witness each of these young mothers in action, and I pray for all of you out there with little ones. The job of parenting is not easy and we all make mistakes, but if you are one of those parents who is taking every opportunity to teach your son to be a gentleman and your daughter to be a lady, to live generously, to work hard, to love God – I applaud you! God bless you!


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