The Fully Broken Promise of God

There’s never been a Promise that God has forsaken
No Promise in which our Lord was mistaken
No Promise made that His hand hath not kept
Nor one over which His tears have not wept
When we His People become crushed and broken
Hearts full of sorrow,
Repentant words spoken;
Then we have become the Promise of God
Beloved, empowered, feet fully shod-
Doing His Work here on earth as we stay
Fulfilling His Plan for our life while we may
Forever protected wherever we trod. . .
The fully broken Promise of God!
Living for Jesus each step of the way
Dependent on Him each moment, each day
Kept by His hand, fed by His Word
Knowing His voice, sweet to be heard,
Trusting that we will not be forsaken
Knowing that He is never mistaken
Assured we are kept by His infinite hand
His tears for us fallen unmeasured as sand
Knowing He smiles and gives us a nod
When we are a fully broken Promise of God.

©Carol Channer


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