Morning Song

The birds chirp and flutter, they squawk, they twitter,

Squirrels roll and chase, they play and chitter.

Breeze blowing gently, fresh delight –

As sun’s rays bring the morning bright.


These days of darkness, sin unfurled,

When terror reigns throughout the world.

Children starve and heroes die,

Unseen fathers, mothers who cry


The world seems hopeless, lost and torn –

Until I look unto the morn,

And see the work of God right there

In the songs of birds on the morning air.


And He brings me peace to face the day

To go to work, to love, to pray,

To make a simple change or two

That shows His love for each of you


He will hold me through the challenges

While the turmoils of life He balances.

He will heal my hurting heart, and then

He will help me let it hurt again.


He will keep me walking in His way

Closer to Him, day by day.

When darkness comes or fears take hold

In Christ alone, I can be bold.


I thank Him for this morning song

That lifts my spirit to make me strong

In God I trust; I will not sway –

I’ll love and serve Him come what may.

*                                                   Carol Channer, May 29, 2015


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