Although I’ve never been “in” the military, I’ve now received an extensive amount of “military” training. My education began in 2004 when my only son left for Basic Training. It continued when my son in law enlisted soon after. Since then, I’ve grown into a well trained and very proud military mom.

As military family members, we don’t usually live a simple, day to day kind of lifestyle. Instead, we generally cling to sanity, living moment by moment, often surrounded by turmoil, fear, loneliness, and a whole trunk load of other unhealthy emotions and circumstances. The lessons I’ve learned during my “training” have all led me to a deeper understanding of my need for a firm belief in a Supreme Power. I have learned that I am totally dependent upon Him and that I can trust Him implicitly with every aspect of my moment by moment life.

None of the lessons were easy for me, and the tests, especially the pop-quizzes, were down-right difficult. Although the path you walk will not be identical to mine, I believe that many of the truths I’ve learned may be applied to whatever challenges you’re facing, and my prayer is that my reflections, poems, prayers and musings will encourage your heart as you journey along in your own path in this boot camp kind of life I like to call the “life of someone who loves a soldier!”

Now that one of my soldiers has re-entered civilian life, I find that getting “out” is something that never really happens. We still walk a slippery path and we are still learning, coping, and finding ways to endure all the odd little happenings that come with our time of service to our country. Come along, walk and talk with me for a while!



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