My Thanksgiving List

To list what I am thankful for would take more than a day
The beauty and the victories that came along my way
The big things and the smallest, and all that is between
The blessings overflow, many known and some unseen.


I thank my Heavenly Father for His blessings every day
For the strength He lends and love He sends in every single way.
My family and friends, my home, and all I treasure
More than we can see or know or any man could measure.


An attitude of gratitude is the way I want to live
For we serve a God who gives us more than we than we could ever give!
Thank You, Lord on this day of annual Thanksgiving,
And help me to be thankful every moment while I’m living.


Veteran’s Day 2015

Thank You, My Veteran

I know you were scared

But you would not let it show.

Far from home and comfort

Marching to and fro.

Feeling like no one cared a bit,

That your chances here were slim

Holding on to God’s own hand

Ev’n when you could not feel Him.

Prayers from home surrounded you

Each day, each night, each hour

Prayers from home sent lovingly

Answered by God’s power.

On the worst days, things were really bad

On the good days they were worse

You went to war a little boy

Now a man who loves to curse!

Injuries no one can see

That only you can feel

Memories that haunt your dreams

Heart made out of steel.

Your gentle touch and soft low voice

Hide power and great hurt

You faced the dragons of the war

Came back to kick the dirt.

We waited for you desperately

We held our breath and prayed

We longed to see your smile again

While on our knees we stayed.

Time of service never ends

Your mind plays tricks of fate

The years of change keep coming on

Yet still you bear a heavy weight.

The stories you couldn’t tell us once

Now come up with a smirk

A man you are, beyond your years

Where once a boy did lurk.

Thank you, for the weight you’ve carried, sir

Though these words may make you nervous

Thank you is never enough, but still –

We thank you for your service.

Only Ten More Days

While she sleeps, I ponder, repeating silently,

“Only ten more days”

It has been over eleven hundred and fifty days

Since we hugged her.

And tears drip slowly as I muse,

What have we missed?

So much has changed in these three years

Jobs, houses


She’s changed. We’ve changed.

Yet . . .

I am thankful,


I WILL hug her again . . .

In only ten more days

I will sing praises to the God of Glory

Who gives us life and our own story

Who brings our child home again . . .

In only ten more days!

As she sleeps, I wait, and smile.

Carol Channer

August 2015

Morning Song

The birds chirp and flutter, they squawk, they twitter,

Squirrels roll and chase, they play and chitter.

Breeze blowing gently, fresh delight –

As sun’s rays bring the morning bright.


These days of darkness, sin unfurled,

When terror reigns throughout the world.

Children starve and heroes die,

Unseen fathers, mothers who cry


The world seems hopeless, lost and torn –

Until I look unto the morn,

And see the work of God right there

In the songs of birds on the morning air.


And He brings me peace to face the day

To go to work, to love, to pray,

To make a simple change or two

That shows His love for each of you


He will hold me through the challenges

While the turmoils of life He balances.

He will heal my hurting heart, and then

He will help me let it hurt again.


He will keep me walking in His way

Closer to Him, day by day.

When darkness comes or fears take hold

In Christ alone, I can be bold.


I thank Him for this morning song

That lifts my spirit to make me strong

In God I trust; I will not sway –

I’ll love and serve Him come what may.

*                                                   Carol Channer, May 29, 2015

Memorial Day

Remembering the Fallen

Their sacrifice complete.

They gave their all that we may live

in Freedom ever sweet.

To know their loved ones pine for them;

Sorrow dark beyond belief,

May memories and God’s own hand

Bring gentle hope and peace

We shake our heads and marvel,

Why they gave with all their might;

Marched into a battlefield,

For their country fought the fight.

Just knowing that they gave their lives

For fellow countrymen

And that, if they could, they’d tell us now

“I’d do it all again.”

It humbles to my very core

To think upon such things;

The pride and heartfelt gratitude

Each memory still brings.

Tears fall with patriotic songs;

Flag waving stirs our heart

Remember, cherish, honor, pray –

Each one can do our part.

Carol Channer

Memorial Day 2015

The Fully Broken Promise of God

There’s never been a Promise that God has forsaken
No Promise in which our Lord was mistaken
No Promise made that His hand hath not kept
Nor one over which His tears have not wept
When we His People become crushed and broken
Hearts full of sorrow,
Repentant words spoken;
Then we have become the Promise of God
Beloved, empowered, feet fully shod-
Doing His Work here on earth as we stay
Fulfilling His Plan for our life while we may
Forever protected wherever we trod. . .
The fully broken Promise of God!
Living for Jesus each step of the way
Dependent on Him each moment, each day
Kept by His hand, fed by His Word
Knowing His voice, sweet to be heard,
Trusting that we will not be forsaken
Knowing that He is never mistaken
Assured we are kept by His infinite hand
His tears for us fallen unmeasured as sand
Knowing He smiles and gives us a nod
When we are a fully broken Promise of God.

©Carol Channer

A Veteran Is One

A Veteran is one who deserves to walk tall
And wear a hat with his service proudly displayed,
So that we, the Grateful, can shake the hand of a hero
And say a few words of thanks.

A Veteran will always stand at attention to salute our flag
And will drop tears at the National Anthem.
We, the Served, should do the same
Instead of texting or looking bored.

A Veteran has a quiet reserve
That holds vast memories of wars,
Of friends lost, and horrors untold
That we, the Defended, can never understand.

The Veteran is one with a hole in their heart
For comrades gone, lives disintegrated,
And a lack of understanding and compassion
From a few sad examples of we, the Foolish.

The Veteran is one who fills the hole
In the hearts of those who love them
Those who know the waiting, the praying
That we, the Families, have brooked.

The Veteran does not demand respect
Yet commands it simply by being
A Veteran.
Loved and cherished always
by we, the People.

Carol Bartlett Channer, November 2014